DVNE Milano Collection for Alumina

DVNE Milano is the exclusive capsule collection of Alumina, the new brand of aluminium objects and forms.

Created from a special alloy of magnesium and aluminium, DVNE Milano stands out for its particular surface grain obtained mechanically during the cutting phase: quality and intensity of the colors of the surfaces change in relation to orientation and characteristics of the light.

The collection consists of 2 decorative flat plates and 2 decorative deep plates, designed with a basic profile dedicated to enhancing the purity of action and functionality of the products. The particular craftsmanship and the material used make each piece unique and different from the next, with new material and chromatic suggestions.

Available in 4 shades - Natural, Champagne, Inox and Hazelnut - DVNE Milano products are versatile and functional, perfect for domestic, professional and contract environments.

The purity of DVNE Milano's primary alloy ensures 100% recyclability of the production waste, resulting from mechanical processing and the possibility of giving new life to these infinitely recyclable products.